Watching sports respond to Boston tragedies


Today, the Boston Red Sox have broken tradition.  Instead of the traditional “Red Sox” on their home jerseys, “Boston” was the word stitched upon their chest, and the opposing Royals wore patches saying “B Strong”. Neil Diamond came to sing Sweet Caroline, but my favorite response is in the pre-game ceremonies, David Ortiz told the crowd “This is our f***ing city – and nobody is going to dictate it.”. The game ended on a great note, with the Red Sox reclaiming the lead in the eighth and winning.

After the tragedy in Boston, things… – were rough. Very rough. The bombers, still on the loose at the time, and an entire city scared – that isn’t good – at all. This is how the rest of sports responded.

Last night, when the news broke out of the second suspect being captured, The Angels crowd and the Giants crowd both broke out into sweet caroline. Many chants of “USA, USA” were heard at other parks. The Celtics wore shirts with “Boston stands as one.” for warmups, and the patch was added to their jersey, as well as a black stripe. Carmelo Anthony and Paul Pierce, traditional enemies, both agreed and talked about the events.

The New York Yankees, (incase you follow sports and live under multiple rocks) showed their love for rivals Boston, with moments of silence, and many Yankees fans came to games wearing Red Sox jerseys.

Sports has traditionally reacted well to tragedy. Between our reactions to Newtown, 9/11, Penn State and more, we have shown as sports fans to put differences aside and agree. But this time around, I think we did a particularly good job.

Don’t get me wrong. There’s a ton of things that need to be changed with sports. But the way we respond to tragedy?

I hope that never changes.


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