Soccer: Are the expectations too high?


Note from will: Sorry for the delay on all the posts! I will now be doing posts on a schedule, Mondays and Thursdays.

Manchester City. They finished second in the Premier League. They made the Champions League. They fired their coach.

Go back, go back, go back. This is the basic NBA equivalent. They lost the conference finals. Does that make them fire their coach? Now, I know that some might say that Manchester City has the best club money can buy. That’s correct, to an extent. However, they are A) Fresh off of a title, and B) Were pretty good this year. This could be compared to the 2010-11 Miami Heat. They made the finals. They had a superteam. They lost. Big whup.

This lead me to ask the question – are expectations too high for soccer? Teams will fire coaches after good seasons, get rid of players, get new players – even if they were good. I simply don’t get that! The last time I can remember a good (American) time firing their head coach (or in this case, manager) after a good season was the Red Sox in 2003, when they lost in 7 to the Yankees, in the ALCS.

The one thing that seems even stupider about this is that they actually hurt themselves when they do this. The more players can get working under the right system, the more successful they usually are. I don’t think it makes sense.

Soccer – well, I think we all know it needs to change. But this is just plain stupid, and it’s pretty darn easy to change.


One thought on “Soccer: Are the expectations too high?

  1. Liverpool Lover

    i do agree but he did fail expectations. for example he was supposed to get far in the CL league but he got last in his group.

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