Nats settle with Clippard, avoid arbitration


This is not written by me, but by Nats Insider. However, this is important for all Nats fans to know. New post coming soon!

Nats Insider

The Nationals and Tyler Clippard agreed to salary terms today, thus avoiding an arbitration hearing that was scheduled to take place Feb. 17 in Florida.

Clippard will make $5.875 million this season, according to, settling on a number that was higher than the midpoint of the two sides’ formal arbitration offers last month.

Clippard, who made $4 million last season, was seeking $6.35 million. The Nationals were offering $4.45 million.

Today’s settlement resolves all 10 of the Nationals’ arbitration cases for the winter and ensures the club won’t go to any hearings for the second straight year.

The Nationals now have 22 players under contract for 2014, with those salaries totaling nearly $130 million. Their Opening Day payroll in 2013 was $118 million, a franchise record at the time.

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