This has to be the year.


True this may be, don’t forget by 2018, Zim (the SP), Hairston, LaRoche, Soriano and others will all be gone or have taken severe pay cuts if they stay, and the young talent in the Minors (Giolito, Cole, Taylor, Walters & Goodwin) will be up by then. Don’t lose hope!


I’m not going to write about how Washington beat the Nats in the home opener yesterday. I alreadywentballisticaboutthatontwitter.

So, instead, I’m going to write about why you should be “all-in” (God, I hate that expression) on the 2014 Nats. No, it’s not because my projection has them winning 96 games.

Rather, it’s because of this article in the Post. In it, Adam Kilgore talks to Nats principal owner Mark Lerner. What Uncle Mark says  about the Nats payroll going forward is not very encouraging:

“We’re beyond topped out,” Lerner said. “Our payroll has skyrocketed to like $140 million. It’s in the papers. I don’t think we can go much further with the revenue streams that we have.”

* * * *

“We take it one at a time,” Lerner said. “We’ll look at it after the season as far as what we can…

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