The Biggest Hero This Year Is Not A Player


While Anthony Rendon has had an astounding breakout season, hitting for power, average and just plain well, he is not the reason this season has happened the way it has. While Jayson Werth enjoyed a hot month of July, Denard Span has been the consistent lead off hitter the Nats have needed, the rotation has been outstanding and the bullpen has been lights-out, the big reason the Nationals have been doing what they are doing is behind the scenes.The reason is the man at the helm, the skipper. Matt Williams has quietly but quickly transformed a team that couldn’t live under it’s own expectations to a division-leading, NL dominating, playoff-bound team. Why? Matt Williams started at the fundamental stages, with basic fielding. After a rocky start, the Nationals have been solid in the field. The mentality completely seemed to shift as well, from a team that had the skills but couldn’t do it together, to a team that had the skills and was able to keep the line moving. He’s been a personal coach, a psychologist, defended his players against the media and put together crazy, but good lineups each night. Matt Williams, while he hasn’t shown the impact of Doug Fister, he is the glue that holds the team together and the leader that moves them forward.


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