Unlike Anything You’ll Ever See: Ten Games, Five Walkoffs, Hundreds of Stories


It started innocently enough. A blowout of the Mets started the streak, which was not a new accomplishment. The Nationals easily swept the series. Then, it began to get more challenging as Pittsburgh came into town. The Nats were barely able to hold on in the first game, as Rafael Soriano continued his struggles, but was able to hold on for a 5-4 win. The next game, after three lead changes, the Nationals were able to walk-off on a Wilson Ramos double. The next night, Scott Hairston owned the magic bat, and he lead the home team to the second straight walk-off. After sending Pittsburgh home without a win to show for the series, Arizona came to town. LaRoche continued the walk-off theme, sending an absolute moon-shot into right field to end it. The Nationals were finally able to win without a walk-off the next day, destroying the D-Backs 8-1. But, the next night held another walk-off, as Rendon singled to end it. And the very next day, a 0-0 tie was broken on an errant throw by Jordan Pacheco. The Nationals won their tenth straight, and Matt Williams, as promised, will break out the ancient impersonation of “The Great Bambino”, Babe Ruth. But in terms of being the most important thing, none of the things that were just mentioned have been the most impressive element of this ten game win streak.

The most impressive element of this team is their ability to stay calm in the raging storm that is blown leads, errors or just pressure situations. Whenever they are behind or tied It no longer is the question of ” Will we do it?” but instead “How will we do it this time?”.
And as this city has watched the endless stream of walkoffs, clutch hits and incredible pitching add up day after day, we have one obligation. To enjoy the ride and to buckle up for the pennant race, because unlike 2012, we don’t take it for granted that we will make the playoffs every year from now. Who knows when you will see a dominant performance like this, a ten game streak, combined with the crazy addition of five walkoffs in six games, which hasn’t happened since 1986. It’s crazy, unbelievable, and just plain amazing, and it could very well lead to greater things, whether it is the division championship, the pennant or even the world series, but the most important thing? Just remember the ride.


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