Slowly But Surely, D.C. is Catching October Fever


The Nationals celebrate yet another win.

Maybe it’s in the air. Maybe it’s the new manager. Maybe it’s that the Redskins are poised to have one of their worst seasons of all time. Maybe it’s that D.C. has finally gotten used to having a baseball team. Maybe it’s none of the above, and it’s just inexplicable. But D.C., slowly but surely is turning into a baseball town.

As the Nats lay upon the verge of clinching their second playoff berth in ten seasons, the city is shifting their attention off of the debacle known as the Redskins and onto the incredible success story on South Capitol Street. Even on the well-known Redskins only territory of ESPN 980, four straight callers said they neglected their beloved football team to watch the Nats overtake the Phillies. (Read that article here) Flags with the now considered racist indian chief are being replaced with curly W’s, and “Hail To The Redskins” is being sung much less than “Let’s Go Nats.”

In case you noticed, this team is good. Very good. They have a great chance of going deep into October.

And as this city begins to see what they have in front of them, if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, get on. Because October is going to bring an exciting ride.


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