Best and Worst: Athletes true to their fan bases


So, it’s that time of year again – the time where the once all-mighty Wizards, Cavaliers and Raptors are in a battle – for the number one lottery spot. After so much love given to their all-star  – well, stars, the stars couldn’t show love to them. Gilbert Arenas was using guns, LeBron took his”talents” to south beach (Not 7, not 8, not 9, not – uh – eleventeen) and Chris Bosh also took his “talent” to south beach. And let’s also not forget these guys – Carl Crawford, Jayson Werth, Johnny Damon, Jose Reyes, Cristiano Ronaldo, and of course… Alex Rodriguez! These are examples of athletes not true to fan bases.

Many teams have wooed these players with money, talent, and winning. But, take a look here – none of these guys won a championship for at least another 2 years. They come to prominent talent, now. But, as I said in the LINSANITY post, you need chemistry. I think the teams with that have more of a chance of winning than a team that randomly takes talent.

I love the Sox and Nats and all, but I feel like you’re talking about leaving your fans, the people who love you – and then you leave to be booed by them later on that same season (well, most of the time, that is)

So without further ado, here they are – the top 10 athletes true to their fan base – and not true.

TRUE                                                        NOT TRUE

10. David Ortiz                                   10. Fernando Torres

9. Steven Gerrard                                9. C.J Wilson

8. Dwayne Wade                                8. Carl Crawford

7. Lionel Messi                                    7. Terrell Owens

6. Tom Brady                                        6. Cristiano Ronaldo

5. Chris Cooley                                     5. Johnny Damon

4. Andre’ Johnson                              4. Alex Rodriguez

3. Ryan Zimmerman                          3. Jose Reyes

2. Ryan Howard                                  2. Prince Fielder

1.  Kobe Bryant                                     1.(Tie) LeBron James and Ablert Pujols

NOT MENTIONED:                          NOT MENTIONED:

Vernon Davis                                     Chris Bosh

Steve Nash                                           Gilbert Arenas


Is the Pro Bowl worth watching?


We all know the answer. Why should I care? It’s just a consolation game for players that deserved a playoff win, but lost. The Problem with the Pro Bowl is that it doesn’t have a gimmick. The NBA has the Slam Dunk Contest in which Blake Griffin so famously dunked over a car. The MLB has the home run derby, which comes down to the last batter. The NHL has their skills competition (which isn’t great, but you have to take what you can get). The Pro Bowl just doesn’t have anything.

Also, the Pro Bowl barely ever moves – wouldn’t it be smart for them to have it in the Super Bowl city? But, of course, they put it in Hawaii, which leaves fans with a choice – Pro or Super Bowl. We all know which is the obvious choice. Last year they put it in Miami, but nearly every other year it is in Hawaii.

So, the answer is NO. The Pro Bowl is boring. The NFL is great except for two things. 1. Labor Disputes 2. All star games.

But, is it worth it? If they could add some tricks or speed competition, it may be worth an hour of time. But, let’s face it. Until then, it isn’t.


Best and worst: Playoff Systems


This is a new segment, called best and worst. Just when I have some subject within there are clear winners and losers. Here’s an example for playoff systems.

March Madness! The most teams, the most games – it just adds up for one month of great basketball!


The NBA and the NHL tie for the best system. It just doesn’t get simpler. Top 8 teams move on, done! No more or less. I think that every league should use something of this variety. It would keep the best teams in the playoffs.


In the MLB, the playoff system could be better and worse. While the division champs are usually better than non-playoff teams, and two wild cards let other teams play, it would just be more simple to do top 6.


NFL and MLS both have ever confusing systems. How did the Titans have a better record than both the Broncos, and still not make the playoffs? And in the MLS, let’s be honest. Where the heck does it start?

BCS. Why not top eight teams? Because the BCS is a money-hungry, greedy, stupid, horrible company. WHO CARES ABOUT THE WHOSEE WHATSIT BOWL? Not me, that’s for sure.