Welcome to the new age


Those little yellow bands never really suited me anyways.

After years of denial, tons of accusations and lots of dna samples, it’s over. Sources say Lance will admit to everything on an interview with Oprah.

Can you say finally?

After a decade of tarnish, disgust and everyone knowing the sports “Greatest” wasn’t that “Great”, it’s done. Lance Armstrong has ruined this sport, and in all of his “Heroism”, biking has lost it’s original flair.

This should’ve happened years ago. Everyone knows it. Every day he waited, every hour, every second, biking lost another fan. People couldn’t take it anymore, knowing that those Tour de Frances came with a huge *, that so many winners could’ve won if it weren’t for him.

He has apologized to Livestrong and it’s staff – I don’t know if an apology might save the losses, financially. His sponsors have been torn off of his shirt.

But there is one bright spot in all of this yellow darkness – we are now in a new age of biking.

Nobody will dare take them again, seeing the effect it has had on this sport. The * is slowly leaving the sport, and young, new, better talent is coming, and this takes the weight off of biking’s shoulders. The immediate effect stinks, there is no doubt. But now biking fans can watch in peace.

It’s over for the little yellow bands.