They Otto’ be a 2 seed: The miraculous Georgetown Hoyas


Otto PorterSlowly, but surely, they have been sneaking up on the NCAA, from the 20 spot to the seven spot.

It’s kind of miraculous, especially after losing one of their best players to academic reasons. Otto Porter has lead the Hoyas to national recognition and, if all goes well, a 2 or even a one seed in the NCAA tournament.

The Hoyas now have a very good chance at the final four. Why?

Momentum, momentum. This win against Syracuse will give them a lift into the Big East tournament, and that gives them a lift into March Madness. This is a proven formula with UConn, VCU, George Mason and many other teams that have reached the final four or even won a national championship.

Another incredible thing is their ability to come through big. In almost any big game they’ve played in this season, they’ve come through.

There isn’t much yet to say about the Hoyas, because nothing huge has happened yet.

But, I definitely think I’ll be saying much more – very soon.


How far would you go? A story of what I think could be behind the UNC Ash VS Syracuse game


How far would you go? No, I’m not trying to indicate that either side bribed the refs. I’m trying to find a story where one hasn’t been found. Now, this may or may not be true, but this is plainly an opinion of what was happening inside the mind of the refs. Is it correct? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll find out one day.

As the whistle blows, the Ref makes the first call that comes to mind – lane violation. As a chorus of “BOO!” and curses directed at him are made, he neglects to take himself to the booth. He is the ref, so he has the authority to make that call. I think he thought that he was making the right call, and simply neglected to think about it and declare himself incorrect because he had so much confidence in himself. Now, every dad says “Be confident in your own decisions!”, when the child is on stage at the spelling bee. But what they should say is “Be confident in yourself, until you realize you could be wrong.” (So it needs a little work, okay!) 

The other call where that second phrase comes in is in the moment where it was clearly off of a Syracuse’s player’s hand, but he, didn’t think too hard and took himself to be the person with the power to make decisions, but was too confident in his first decision.

Whether this is true or not, it could be a phrase every referee should remember: “Be confident in your own decisions until you realize you could be wrong.”

Note: No abuse has meant to be given to referees across the nation, neither to these specific referees. This is simply what I thought was going on.

The Big Dance is a promising one for Georgetown and Syracuse


Sometimes the best shot is the one you missed. If you know what  I mean, great. If you don’t, that’s understandable. In the last couple of years, the best appearance in March Madness ended in a loss, for a couple teams. After a talent losing year, some of them are back and ready to roll.

Georgetown in 2007 seemed practically unstoppable. Until Ohio State came into the picture. Now, the Hoyas have a shot at a three or two seed in this years big dance, 5 years removed from their last 5 or lower seed. I think the Hoyas have found a new team that can win. Right now I project them as a 3 seed. But, anything is possible for these Hoyas – you might be seeing them at number 2 or even number one, with their new talent and old talent.

Meanwhile, the Syracuse Orange have found themselves in the position they have lacked for the past couple of years – the top 5. The Orange know they can, and may very well. They have been slowly but surely rising these past years, and you see them here now. Kris Joesph may just lead them to a Final Four.

Both of these teams may not make it to the Final Four, but if they do – it’ll be a great final four.


How will the Hoyas finish?


The Hoyas have been unstoppable lately. With wins all week, one wonders; will they be an Elite Eight team? They have certainly shown they have the capability, and I don’t think they can be stopped – they only have one thing that could get in the way. Too little or too much confidence is that one thing.