The AP must be having a field day


For the first time in a while, there is no dark horse, no obvious choice – there is no frontrunner.  In either competition. the comeback player of the year might also be MVP. Now, of course, it would be a lot easier if we were able to know who it was, because both players, Adrian Peterson and Peyton Manning could make quite the case for both awards.

It’s nearly impossible to pick between “The Sheriff” and “All Day”. Let me give you a back story in case you like football but have been living under a rock for a year and a half. Peyton Manning, due to some googleyblech in his neck, didn’t take one snap for the Colts all season in 2011-12. Adrian Peterson was tearing everything up until, on Christmas eve, he tore his ACL and MCL. Both looked like they would never return to their true form of what they were.

And you know what? They didn’t. They aren’t as good as they were – somehow, they’re better. And better for these two would mean a sure-fire MVP, if it weren’t for the other player. So how do you pick?

I feel really bad for the AP – they have to make this incredibly tough choice. So, I’m going to take it to one thing – stats. Manning has thrown for 37 Touchdowns, and 4659 yards. Adrian Peterson has run for 2097, and 12 touchdowns. But here’s where things get complicated – the Broncos running game has run for 1832 more, and the defense has only given up 4,652. The Vikings passing game has only 100 yards more than Adrian Peterson.

Which makes it clear for me – with a running back that wasn’t like Peterson or elite, the Vikings would be dead. With a par quarterback, the Broncos might be able to make the playoffs. (Tim Tebow).

So, I pick Adrian Peterson to win the MVP award. But, we aren’t done yet!

Comeback player of the year is a tough one. But considering the fact he had not been on the field for one play in an entire year, you have to say Peyton Manning is the comeback player of the year.

But, I don’t get to chose this – the AP does. The thing about stuff like this is that only a few people come out happy, with the right decisions for them – and there definitely isn’t a “Right” decision for this. Even so, it’s a nice problem to have.


Easy as R, G, 3.


The Washington Redskins just have to win out to win the NFC East. I must be wrong. Let’s try that again. The Washington Redskins just have to win out to win the NFC East. That – that can’t be right! Let’s try that one more time. The Washington Redskins… just have to… win out… to win… the NFC East.

You get my point.

But seriously, at the beginning of the season, who picks the Redskins, the team only 5 were worse than last year, to be able to win the NFC East, possibly the hardest division in football?

I don’t think anyone did – even Redskins fans weren’t extremely confident about this season, if not at all. And then he came. RG3. RG3 also attracted Pierre Garcon, and fellow rookies came too, such as Kirk Cousins and Alfred Morris, both who have proved a huge part in this season. But really, the biggest factor is the would-be senior quarterback from Baylor, Robert Griffin the Third.

RG3 has been nothing short of incredible this year. 104.2 is his Quarterback Rating, he’s thrown for 2,902 yards and counting, thrown for 18 touchdowns, run for 6, and 748 yards. But what the incredible thing is, is something else.

The NFL has never seen an offense like this, so exciting, agressive and situational. There are so many variables you can put into this offense. For instance, a normal pass play is normally a pass to the number one receiver. But, since there is no number one receiver, it could go to anyone, or RG3 could rush. It’s like that on every play – so you never really know what’s happening.

A lot of people like to compare RG3 and Luck together, but the thing is, you can’t. Not to say that one is better than the other, but their style is so different. Luck is like a miniature Tom Brady or Peyton Manning – RG3 is something nobody has ever seen –  you just can’t put them in the same category, you can’t.

If I was a Redskins fan, I would be serious about keeping RG3 healthy, because he has so much potential,  but plays so aggressively.

Alfred Morris, Pierre Garćon, Joshua Morgan, Santana Moss and many others have made huge contributions to this season, but if it weren’t for this young QB – who knows where the Redskins would be.

I give up officially.


Vilma celebrates a sack – and 10,000 dollars.

The suspensions for the players were overturned. Wow.

The NFL is having trouble looking like a league that cares about player safety, and I give up officially on them changing the image they have. (Look at my final prayer about that over here:

But now that Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith and a few more are free of suspensions, it’s done.

In all honesty, I can’t believe this. I hate this decision so much. I understand that football is a physical game, but the NFL really stands for Not For Long. And to shorten a player’s career is so – just -wrong.

I don’t care if a player only did one thing or the other or something like that. Outside the lines’ tape should’ve been enough evidence. What proved these men innocent when Sean Payton was given a 1 year suspension.

Speaking of, you do truly have to put a lot of blame on Payton. He knew it was going on. So did Paterno. He lost his job, and I truly think Payton should be fired, effective immediately.

You may say “How do you know if they did anything?” or “They’re innocent!” But if this game is going to get safer, it’s going to need to crack down hard on things like this.

Punish them, punish them somehow! Suspend them, please! Do something! Apparently,  “The team’s coaches and managers led a deliberate, unprecedented and effective effort to obstruct the NFL’s investigation,” Even more reason to punish.

Wow. All I can say is wow.

Why Lionel Messi has my attention (and yours, maybe after this post!)


Sorry, Saints and Giants. My attention is on Messi Today.

While you focus on your Bills VS Rams, I will be tuned to another channel. And I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the NBA.

Lionel Messi needs to score two goals before January 1st, 2013. Why? Because two goals brings his 2012 total to 86. In other words, changing a record that hasn’t been changed since 1972 by Gerd Müler.

If I was voting for SI’s sportsman of the year, I would’ve voted for LeBron James. But if Messi had won La Liga, UEFA or anything significant like that, he’s my pick.

But except for soccer fans, nobody really knows who he is. Even if I walked up to a random person who doesn’t follow the NFL in DC, I could still say RG3, and they’d know who I’d be talking about. If I talk to the average sports fan in america, not many will know who Messi is, (“Oh yeah – that defender for LA Galaxy”)  and even if they do, they won’t know who he plays for. (FC Barcelona, By the way…)

But let me throw something at you: In this year alone, Messi has: scored 73 goals for Barcelona, 8 hat tricks included, 12 for Argentina, and just been – well – incredible. This next record will be the icing on the cake for him.

But why does nobody in america really care? I don’t know. But maybe we should try to, at least recognize him. So I am taking the job for Lionel Messi as the campaign manager for his Sportsman of the Year Campaign in 2013.

So, maybe, average sportsfan, lend your eyes, and I shall try to take them off of the Rams VS Bills game. Because if I succeed – you could see something pretty amazing.




Manning the post


In March, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a five year, 96 million dollar contract. I laughed. I thought the broncos were being just plain stupid. It didn’t make sense!

I thought Peyton was gone. His neck had killed an entire season, and in all honesty, I didn’t believe he could come back to his old form. If I was running an NFL team, I would’ve taken a rookie over Peyton. He didn’t seem fit to play after missing an entire year, and I would want somebody fresh. It just didn’t make sense.

Boy, would’ve I been wrong. Peyton is leading the Broncos to a 9-3 record, rising to his old form, if not rising above it, and could have ten wins by the time the night is over, and is the only other choice for MVP next to Tom Brady.

I would chose Peyton Manning for MVP. Because with no offense to the Broncos, they’re not much without him. They don’t have a real QB (no, I don’t think Tim Tebow was a starter) and not much of a receiving game. All of the sudden, Peyton Manning has made the Broncos super bowl contenders. Nobody thought he could do it, but look at him now!

But, every week, I watch him (with no offense, he is kind of boring) lead the Broncos beautifully. And I ask how? How has this 36 year old managed to take this team to the playoffs, and maybe more?

Nobody really knows but him. But what I do know – is that Peyton isn’t gone at all. Actually, he might just be starting.

Luck VS RG3 – The epic battle for Rookie of the Year


RG3 and Andrew Luck Embracing after a preseason game won’t be the last time they see each other, but next time, it may be in suits and ties.

Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin the third have taken control of two terrible franchises. And made them a contender.

So who deserves the Rookie of The Year award?

Both have pretty good cases. Let’s start with RG3. He’s definitely put up the numbers worthy of the honor. He’s averaged 67% completions, thrown for 17 touchdowns, 2660 yards, ran for 714 yards and 6 touchdowns. ( And they had about half of these guys last year – note how they weren’t winning – or at least like now.

Also, the performance he put up against the defending champions twice, especially this week has been huge. Not only are his numbers huge, but he adds an atmosphere to this team, and boy is he fun to watch.

This team didn’t record 4 wins last year – now, a division title is in sight.

Andrew Luck might not have the same numbers, but he does have a better QB rating. But last year, the Colts had 2 wins. This year, they might be a lock for a playoff spot. And you know the funny thing? They added Andrew Luck. They lost some of the best receivers and running backs. And they have 8 wins this year so far.

Peyton, who? Peyton left a legacy behind, and nobody thought Luck could live up to the legacy left behind. Instead, he has. And he’s on pace to blow it away. In 2010, Peyton Manning had 4700 yards and 33 touchdowns. Andrew Luck has recorded roughly three quarters of that, and he might’ve brought them to a better record. In 2010, they won 10 – Andrew is in all likelihood going to lead them to more.

But who? I have to say…

Andrew Luck, only because the Colts stunk last year and lost some of their better player, and now Andrew Luck has led them to the playoffs.

Both of these guys are the future of football – and this award in the long run – may only be the start of many for both of them.

Locked out, but do you care?


Now it’s done.We can finally turn our attention back to cartoon network or CBS or ESPN or TNT or whatever it might’ve been. Or for me, my constant sport watching continues. NFL, MLS, NBA, and free agent watch in MLB. Does anyone feel like something is missing?

Yes, there is. But unless you are a fanatic, you probably haven’t been thinking about it. There is a lockout going on.

Normally, DC would be up in flames. But with RG3, Natitude plus a playoff trip for D.C United, things are looking fine. But don’t worry, Winnipeg. I’m sure you guys are up in flames.

So why hasn’t there been any attention?


NHL, though branded as a “mainstream” league, in short – is not. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care until april except for the hardcore fans. So when the NHL is still locked out in april, I think people will be like “Whoa. Where’s that hockey that takes the place of Judge Judy?”.

Even so, the NHL needs to get some support. The country is half asleep for this. I think I just woke up.

But why should we care? My main loves are the Nats, Pats and Wizards (pathetic, I know). And the “average” hardcore sports-fan – well – be straight with me – do you actually care much about the NHL before the playoffs?

I think once football ends, people will pay attention. But until then – sorry NHL – this country won’t pay you much attention – which means that there won’t be as much urgency to put a deal on the table.

The urgency right now to put a deal on the table, is, in a word – baloney. Nobody will tell you. But it’s true. And unfortunately, it looks like it will stay this way for a while.

Sorry Winnipeg.