Will the NHL ever be the same?


So the Lockout is officially over. Congratulations to my hockey loving friends. But in all honesty, if I was a hockey fan, I would’ve already given up on this league. They’ve had 3 lockouts in the past 20 years, only the NBA with more. It’s, in a word, ridiculous.

If I was a Hockey fan, I would be pretty darn annoyed. Once again, the giant * is going to be added to everything. Why?

I never really can pay attention to the NHL until April anyways, when the games really matter. But the NHL isn’t set to be up and running by February, the playoffs might end in July, and the trade deadline would be in April. They’ve already missed hundreds of games.

I understand that there are some people that live, breath and eat hockey, but in all honesty, I would be pretty fed up. This lockout was too long, and the league didn’t seem to be able to make a deal until they could finally realize they’ve lost so much money and popularity.

They’ve missed 645 games. 645 goals, saves, penalty shootouts, so much of it missed.

I think even the hockey fanatics have lost intrest in their league – not completely, but still some. It’s ridiculous to expect that every 8 years the league will only play half a season – or maybe not even have one.

Last time there was a lockout, the two futures of hockey were drafted, Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. They’ve done beautifully in their careers, scoring many goals and many awards. But the owners and the NHLPA are getting ridiculous. It’s something like a fifty-fifty split.

There have been lots of polls asking if you’ve lost interest in the NHL. The majority said they weren’t interested in the first place. The next said they’ve lost interest. It’s just getting stupid.

But I don’t care anymore.


Locked out, but do you care?


Now it’s done.We can finally turn our attention back to cartoon network or CBS or ESPN or TNT or whatever it might’ve been. Or for me, my constant sport watching continues. NFL, MLS, NBA, and free agent watch in MLB. Does anyone feel like something is missing?

Yes, there is. But unless you are a fanatic, you probably haven’t been thinking about it. There is a lockout going on.

Normally, DC would be up in flames. But with RG3, Natitude plus a playoff trip for D.C United, things are looking fine. But don’t worry, Winnipeg. I’m sure you guys are up in flames.

So why hasn’t there been any attention?


NHL, though branded as a “mainstream” league, in short – is not. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care until april except for the hardcore fans. So when the NHL is still locked out in april, I think people will be like “Whoa. Where’s that hockey that takes the place of Judge Judy?”.

Even so, the NHL needs to get some support. The country is half asleep for this. I think I just woke up.

But why should we care? My main loves are the Nats, Pats and Wizards (pathetic, I know). And the “average” hardcore sports-fan – well – be straight with me – do you actually care much about the NHL before the playoffs?

I think once football ends, people will pay attention. But until then – sorry NHL – this country won’t pay you much attention – which means that there won’t be as much urgency to put a deal on the table.

The urgency right now to put a deal on the table, is, in a word – baloney. Nobody will tell you. But it’s true. And unfortunately, it looks like it will stay this way for a while.

Sorry Winnipeg.

Lob city is gone, but not dead.


The Spurs completed a sweep last night in LA, where they hoped for 2 championships in the same year. The Kings’ dream is still alive, but as it looks, LA will not be hoisting the Larry ‘O Brien trophy this year. The Lakers are one loss away from elimination, and Lob City is out.

Lob city, by far was my favorite team to watch all year. It took the excitement of Blake Griffin, and then put some wins behind it. It seemed like that 2012 was the year that LA had two teams, not the Lakers and a joke. No, wins brought LA to the postseason.

They were tons of fun to watch. Between Blake Griffin’s countless incredible dunks (GRIFFINATION!!!) beating the Lakers, and filling the stands with 19,000 people, it was great. You never knew what you’d see tonight, a blow out, a last second buzzer beater, or a normal win – with abnormal dunks from Blake Griffin. They were .606 in the regular season, winning their first playoffs since 1997.

They had a great series against the Grizzlies, which went down to the last minute of game 7. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin combined for 27 points, but the bench picked them up, scoring 55 points.  Unfortunately, it left them tired and overwhelmed, and were swept by the Spurs.

But this isn’t it for the super team from LA. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it to the finals next year, because Lob City is here to stay.

Double post: HALLELUJAH!!! The BCS Goes Final Four! and The Caps are winning for a reason


Part I


In this first ever NCAA Football post, we celebrate. Celebrate because the evil empire, being the BCS, has fell to the knights of righteousness, and not-money-hungry people. Today, the BCS has decided that it will now go to a four team playoff. In case you couldn’t guess where I was

And no more Utah’s, Boise States, USCs and TCUs, all of which finished with 12 win records. This is the best four teams in the country. With room for upsets and with room for cinderella, the once all-powerful BCS is dead.

“The king is dead, long live the king!!”

The semifinals will be on January 1st, no matter what. But this is the best part for me, what I’m about to say.

If you’ve ever noticed, the big bowls are always in Miami or Tampa or New Orleans or in a dome. In the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, the games are played at the higher seed’s home or the higher seed gets home advantage. Now, in the semifinals, on new years day, they will be played at home – because in all honesty – do you think somebody from California will go to Florida or somebody from Indiana to California just to watch the game? Instead, games are at the one and two seed’s home stadium. And for Florida? Now they could get an extra home game.

I used to think College Football was pointless, since only two teams had a real chance. No more, that will die exactly 611 days from now, 611 days until we see College Football become a true playoff system, and a league worth following.

Part II

The Capitals have beat the Bruins, and are facing the Rangers, for all you hockey fans who have been living under a rock. The Capitals have been the one, two, or three seeds the past four years, and have lost half the time in the first round. But they improved their record to .600 in the Stanley Cup Playoffs first round. But this time, the Caps may go further than the second round, where they have lost every single time they’ve advanced.

They’ve been one, two, and three seeds. And been upset. The Capitals had tons of pressure, and now the pressure’s off. Leaving them to play, and win – beating Tim Thomas and the Bruins. With rookie Braden Holtby, who is playing most outstandingly. The pressure’s off, and the playing’s up. DC may have a shot this year, with good reason.