Super Cold XLVIII – Why in the world are we playing the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium?


It’s been the elephant in the room for months now. When people say that “The {Insert mediocre/bad team} are going to go all the way this year”, there’s been one lingering question… how will they do at Metlife Stadium in the frigid cold? Will they mess up because they’re a warm weather or dome team, be great because they live in Sumas, Washington, the northernmost point in the US, or be okay because they’re from some city that doesn’t have some huge weather difference. 

But it leads me to this question… why would they have it in New Jersey in the first place? There are a bunch of reasons not to have it there – the weather, the location, the fan experience, the soulless stadium, it’s NEW JERSEY – shouldn’t that be enough? The argument for this stadium may seem smart. “It’s the same as Indianapolis.” “It’s the NFL’s response to 9/11 to do something for New York” “It’ll be like the winter classic”. The first argument for Indianapolis is fine. However, there have been great chances for the NFL to do stuff like this. The NFL could’ve made a donation to some 9/11 fund of some sort. I’m not trying to be insensitive –  although it’ll be great for the city monetarily, it just won’t be a great experience for the fans (although seeing Wilson or Manning go short-sleeved would be really funny.)

Many have made the argument for it being like the Winter Classic. However, let’s compare them side by side. The Winter Classic is a minor event with little to no effect on the regular season or playoffs, and only happens once a year. The Super Bowl is america’s biggest sporting event, biggest monetary gain for the NFL, cold weather is not a rare occurrence, and the most important game of the year. There’s a difference there.

I love New York, and it’s one of the world’s greatest, if not the greatest city in the world. But putting the game in a dome or a warm weather city would make this easier for everybody.



Manning the post


In March, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a five year, 96 million dollar contract. I laughed. I thought the broncos were being just plain stupid. It didn’t make sense!

I thought Peyton was gone. His neck had killed an entire season, and in all honesty, I didn’t believe he could come back to his old form. If I was running an NFL team, I would’ve taken a rookie over Peyton. He didn’t seem fit to play after missing an entire year, and I would want somebody fresh. It just didn’t make sense.

Boy, would’ve I been wrong. Peyton is leading the Broncos to a 9-3 record, rising to his old form, if not rising above it, and could have ten wins by the time the night is over, and is the only other choice for MVP next to Tom Brady.

I would chose Peyton Manning for MVP. Because with no offense to the Broncos, they’re not much without him. They don’t have a real QB (no, I don’t think Tim Tebow was a starter) and not much of a receiving game. All of the sudden, Peyton Manning has made the Broncos super bowl contenders. Nobody thought he could do it, but look at him now!

But, every week, I watch him (with no offense, he is kind of boring) lead the Broncos beautifully. And I ask how? How has this 36 year old managed to take this team to the playoffs, and maybe more?

Nobody really knows but him. But what I do know – is that Peyton isn’t gone at all. Actually, he might just be starting.

Trading Tebow isn’t worth it.


Here’s the deal – again. The Broncos are likely to trade Tim Tebow since they’ve gotten Peyton Manning. I wouldn’t do that if I were them.

First of all, it would be a great experience for Tim Tebow – to learn from a shoo-in hall of famer. Also, it would improve his game, so if Peyton ever ends up playing dreadfully (like Kyle Orton), he would be better than ever.

Also, there’s risk involved here. Manning has gone through four neck surgeries, and injury-wise is pretty unpredictable. Having a sturdy backup like Tim Tebow is needed, since Peyton could get hurt at any time.

And to teams like the Dolphins who are interested in Tebow – he’s not a fully developed QB yet, and needs talent surrounding him to make things work. Which Miami has very little of.

Even though it’s a big, juicy quarterback, I urge the Broncos not to trade Tebow until Manning has proved he’s back – for real.


Tebow leads Denver into New England


Wow. What a fairy tale ending. Tim Tebow brings the Broncos to the New England on te first play of overtime. DeMarius Thomas for 80 yards, forty thrown by tebow for the win, 29-23.

See Tim Tebow’s incredible pass here.

The Giants also have shut the Falcons to 2 points, and are going to Green Bay. What everybody’s forgetting is that Giants VS Packers is a rematch of the 2007 NFC Championship!

I honestly can’t wait for the Divisional round, all the games will be awesome. It really could go any way in any game. A sidenote: The only teans left are all division championships, which leaves the NFL (Sadly) with an argument to keep the current system.

Happy Tebowing!

The Updater: Broncos on verge of Tebow time


Well, who would’ve guessed? Third quarter and, surprise surprise, the Broncos are in the opposite of what I predicted, and the deficit I thought the Chiefs would have in the Fourth Quarter: Four points. Instead of the high scoring shootout I predicted, it’s been a low scoring defensive mind blower. I’ll keep you updated as Tim Tebow goes into what could be his final test of the year – Tebow Time, for all or nothing.

Broncos VS Chiefs Preview


Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I’m talking about Tebow. But only because this is for the division. Plus, this could be a real test for the future. 75% of the NFL teams have average quarterbacks. So let’s see how Tebow does against an average quarterback, Kyle Orton.

QUARTER 1: Tebow is a little jumpy. So I predict he’ll throw an interception on his second drive, after being forced to punt. The Chiefs will take advantage and get a field goal. After a few scoreless drives, the Tebows (thats what I call the Broncos sometimes) will be lead down the field, with mostly running, but a few key passes by Tebow. They’ll end up with a rushing touchdown, from McGahee on third down. The Chiefs will start the second quarter with the ball.

QUARTER 2: Sha-BLAM! The Chiefs will open the second quarter up with a long pass, and later get the touchdown. Nothing will happen for a while, until Tebow leads the Broncos down the field, but missing a key pass changes everything, and the clock runs out. SCORE GOING INTO SECOND HALF: Broncos 7, Chiefs 10.

QUARTER 3: The Chiefs get another field goal, but the Broncos will respond with a field goal of their own, no thanks to Tebow. Then, after a Kyle Orton pick run back for twenty yards, Tebow strikes with a long ball to the Chiefs 43. They three and out, so Matt Prater comes out to tie the game. It’s good! 13 all going into…

QUARTER 4: But, the Magic doesn’t last long. The Chiefs get not one, but two field goals unanswered, from not one, but two Tebow interceptions. With five minutes to play, the Broncos get the ball. Touchdown to win. McGahee runs and runs the ball, until it’s third and long at their own forty. Finally, Tebow emerges. He throws it for seventeen yards, and into Chiefs territory. 3 minutes to play. But, they can only get a field goal. The onside kick fails, and the game looks to be over. But then! With 2 minutes to go, Kyle Orton remembers his past, and fumbles. They have a chance. Tebow leads them down the field, and after a couple miracles, a 58 yard field goal attempt to send the game into overtime becomes the final play of the game. He misses! Oh, but what’s this? The Chiefs iced him, and messed it up, too. So, one more try. It’s GOOD! OVERTIME!

OVERTIME: The Chiefs win the toss, and elect to receive. But, when nobody looks, the Broncos make an onside kick, and recover it! Tebow will throw it , run it, and do everything people thought he could do. And then, with one miracle throw, a touchdown will send the Broncos to the playoffs.


UPDATE: I guess I was wrong. But, don’t worry! The Broncos are still in the playoffs for all you Tebowers. Cursed NFL Playoff system, that’s what Raiders fans will be saying tonight.