The death of recruiting day: One of the many things college football needs




And they say baseball is annoying.

There is a day in February every year I simply cannot stand.  After the Super Bowl and before Spring Training, ESPN Home pages are cluttered with stuff like this.

Look, I get it. It’s great to watch people pick their team. But personally, I think there are a few things wrong with this picture.

First of all, millions of kids spend countless hours waiting and wishing, hoping to get into their perfect school, the one of their dreams. But these people somehow have the right to choose for themselves. That’s not how it works. How it works, is that going to that college is a privilege. They invite you. If you have a choice between multiple colleges, you decide at your kitchen table with your family. And when you get to pro level, the teams choose you. You can’t join a team because you said so.

Second, I don’t see why it needs to be this big of a deal. There is simply nothing much exciting about watching people choosing colleges. It’s next year’s team. You don’t need to announce where you’re going on National TV.

It just doesn’t add up for me. Watching kids pick colleges isn’t exciting nor is it fair. If the NCAA wants to make this sport more popular or just plain better, this part of the process should be eliminated. When a Harvard professor applies for tenure, its a reasonably large thing for the professor, college and the students. But, they pick, and we aren’t seeing that on front pages. That’s how it should be. Even though I hear the Harvard tenure process is quite tedious.

Just another edit to make in a game with some serious problems.


How bout’ them Lakers? How bout’ not.

here's the hype (image SI)

Here’s the hype (image SI)

The Lakers have a losing record. Let me say that to you again. The Lakers have a losing record. At the beginning of the season, it was the dream team. You couldn’t beat them. They had superstars, and they were not going to be touched. Turns out they were half right, as it turns out, another LA team rules now.

The Clippers. Lob City. They’ve beaten the Lakers twice now. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Caron Butler, Willie Green and DeAndre Jordan are the starting lineup that lead LA to this 27-8 record and a 17 game winning streak.

Do you remember in 2010, when the Cowboys were failing, and everyone was going: How bout them cowboys? And everyone else was going: How bout not? I feel the same way here too. We get it. The Lakers stink now. But we don’t need to see it on the front of ESPN every time Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard get hurt.


But for a Lakers fan, the worst part of this is Kobe Bryant. He has completely turned his back on the team, shown no respect at all, and the criticizations of  the Lakers as “An old team – we’re slow as s—” were just a few of his many rants this year, along with “Sticks in the mud” – and telling his fans to “Shut up.” and that they were “Stupid”. Also, he said one of his former teammates shouldn’t have played in the NBA, and they were too cheap to spring for a point guard.

This isn’t the superstar kids are supposed to look up to, the one who criticizes his coach, his former teammates and his team. He said he was “Trying to push the right buttons” to light a fire under his team, and didn’t care about being perceived as the villain.

Which, in my opinion came out simply as “I’d rather be known as a winner instead of a good teammate.”

And then we have the coaching. The Lakers fired Brown early in the season. The team has gotten better. But according to the players and Kobe, the type of coach they wanted was like the interim coach they had – apparently, Kobe Bryant, seeming better

Here's now. (Getty Images, AP Photo)

Here’s now. (Getty Images, AP Photo)

In other words, it means that Brown was overcoaching, and the Lakers just wanted to let the players play.

So why do we care anymore? It’s all happened. We all know the Lakers are bad. Picking up Howard was a terrible move, and Gasol can’t stop getting hurt. It’s done.

This is why Lob City rules now. They have young talent that doesn’t talk back. They have a coach who coaches the right way, and not a superteam, just a team that works together.

When will people learn that putting talent together doesn’t make a team? Maybe never, seeming that it just keeps on happening, and teams aren’t winning championships, and some aren’t making playoff appearances. Take the Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, Cowboys, Eagles and many more.

So can we please end the conversation with this sentence?

The old king is dead, long live the Clippers.

Locked out, but do you care?


Now it’s done.We can finally turn our attention back to cartoon network or CBS or ESPN or TNT or whatever it might’ve been. Or for me, my constant sport watching continues. NFL, MLS, NBA, and free agent watch in MLB. Does anyone feel like something is missing?

Yes, there is. But unless you are a fanatic, you probably haven’t been thinking about it. There is a lockout going on.

Normally, DC would be up in flames. But with RG3, Natitude plus a playoff trip for D.C United, things are looking fine. But don’t worry, Winnipeg. I’m sure you guys are up in flames.

So why hasn’t there been any attention?


NHL, though branded as a “mainstream” league, in short – is not. Unfortunately, nobody seems to care until april except for the hardcore fans. So when the NHL is still locked out in april, I think people will be like “Whoa. Where’s that hockey that takes the place of Judge Judy?”.

Even so, the NHL needs to get some support. The country is half asleep for this. I think I just woke up.

But why should we care? My main loves are the Nats, Pats and Wizards (pathetic, I know). And the “average” hardcore sports-fan – well – be straight with me – do you actually care much about the NHL before the playoffs?

I think once football ends, people will pay attention. But until then – sorry NHL – this country won’t pay you much attention – which means that there won’t be as much urgency to put a deal on the table.

The urgency right now to put a deal on the table, is, in a word – baloney. Nobody will tell you. But it’s true. And unfortunately, it looks like it will stay this way for a while.

Sorry Winnipeg.

Special Post! How did it happen/The Updater: LINSANITY!!!!


All credit goes to ESPN for photo

Which it is. How the heck did this happen? And is it a trend, or a fluke? Let’s get started.

After beating the Lakers, people have realized this guy is real. Let me explain.

New York had everything they needed – except for one thing – you might say glue. As you may know, putting talent together doesn’t necessarily make a good team. You need them to gel, to learn each other’s style. And Jeremy Lin is just that.

Jeremy Lin is the point guard you want. The un-drafted, all-odds-against-him, point guard. About two weeks ago, would YOU think I was crazy? Probably. Some of the best – well, bottles of glue have come from late picks or even no pick. Take Tom Brady – or Mark Buehrle , or even Danny Woodhead?

The NBA has always missed those, though. Until now. The un-drafted player out of Harvard, has found a way to make the Knicks work together. Until now, it was get the ball to Carmelo or A’mare and pray for defense.

Now, they can move the ball easily, and have a player that can take pressure of of everyone else.

Is this a trend?

I think not. This is a great basketball player, and he’s proved it.