Judgement Day for Flacco and Ryan



“With the third pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Matt Ryan, from Boston College.”
“With the eighteenth pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select Joe Flacco, from The University of Deleware.”

And so began an era. After two failures at the QB position, two fired coaches, it was time.

All of the sudden, the Ravens & Falcons were in the playoffs, one year later. The Ravens were one win away from the Super Bowl, and the Falcons were defeated in the wild card round – a disappointing end, but a promising future. The next year, the Falcons missed the playoffs, but ended with a winning record. The Ravens made the playoffs, and lost in the Divisional Round. In 2010, they both made the playoffs, but they failed to move past the divisional round, another sad end to a promising season. The Ravens came within a missed field goal last year, but the Falcons couldn’t get past the wild-card round.

So now it’s time.

After all of those losses, people have said – “They don’t have playoff experience”, or that they are “Still young – maybe next year”. Well, this is next year.

Ryan finally jumped the Hurdle of getting a playoff win, and the Ravens made a huge upset over the Broncos, but that doesn’t matter anymore. In all honesty, these two games are the second-most important of the season. Here’s the thing though – in some of these wins for Flacco, he was dismal. Other times, he was great. Ryan hasn’t been so good in his playoff games either, except for that last one.

But they need to finally prove they can lead their team to a Super Bowl. The promising season is this season. In all honesty, if they can’t do it this year, I don’t think they can do it at all.

They have their playoff experience, they are at their prime. This game could define an entire career –

They had better not mess it up.


Tebow leads Denver into New England


Wow. What a fairy tale ending. Tim Tebow brings the Broncos to the New England on te first play of overtime. DeMarius Thomas for 80 yards, forty thrown by tebow for the win, 29-23.

See Tim Tebow’s incredible pass here.

The Giants also have shut the Falcons to 2 points, and are going to Green Bay. What everybody’s forgetting is that Giants VS Packers is a rematch of the 2007 NFC Championship!

I honestly can’t wait for the Divisional round, all the games will be awesome. It really could go any way in any game. A sidenote: The only teans left are all division championships, which leaves the NFL (Sadly) with an argument to keep the current system.

Happy Tebowing!

Who dat! Are the Saints going back to the Super Bowl?


In 2010, the Saints proved that they didn’t need paper bags as their trademark. But, will they go further and get their second NFC Championship in three years? Very likely. Now before you shut me up, and tell me that the Pack will win, let me tell you three things.

1. The Packers don’t have enough defense to get through the NFC with the Falcons, Saints, and 49ers in the competition.

2. They haven’t had a true offensive test. If and when they play the 49ers, we’ll see what happens.

3. The Saints have lost to the Packers, but let’s face it – that was week one, and only by 8 points, A.K.A one possession.

So, if you pick the Pack, and they lose the NFC, don’t blame me!