Is Starting RG3 a good move?


To me, it seems like a PR move and a football move. A good PR move, and a bad football move. In case you might have noticed, the Skins drafted Kirk Cousins in the first round after drafting possible franchise QB RG3 in the first round. The fans were angry, thinking that they didn’t have trust in RG3. So, (like everybody thought he wouldn’t be the starter) they named him starter, right after a rookie mini camp.

So what is it? Football or PR? It’s both.

It’s a football move, a bad football move. Why, you ask? Personally, I would definitely make RG3 the starter. That is, Rex Grossman the Third. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

RG3 needs to have his work cut out for him. He needs to work, work, work to improve. Because, in all honesty? He isn’t a perfect QB. He needs to improve his arm, work with his new running backs, because, unlike Baylor, the ‘Skins weren’t built around him.

Originally, in fact, it was all about Jason Campbell. Then they hyped it up for McNabb. Then they showed it for Rex Grossman and John Beck. Now, we say the same for RG3. We say, every year, “We have the right guy! This is the year! This is our chance!”

Every time they name a new starter though, they seem to lose. Not having confidence in the QB is something they should show to RG3 until August. If you give somebody a starting position from the start, he doesn’t work as hard. And he comes not working super hard, and not playing super-well like they expected.

So, please, name Rex Grossman the starter until you are 100% RG3 is better than hm.

Also, it’s a good PR move.

Because Redskins fans are like dogs. As soon as you see something new, it becomes the focus in your life. It’s important, and they’ll say “Make him the starter!! He’s the best thing that ever happened to us!!”

Now, I like RG3, don’t get me wrong, but Redskins fans are obsessed with him. So they said, “RG3 is perfect, why would you ever draft another QB?” (In case you’ve been wondering, it’s a safety move, in case he gets hurt or is bad.) And since the Redskins worry so much about that, they named him the starter.

Which won’t make him the best he can be. Hope you’re happy now, DC. Because you may not be as happy when RG3 isn’t as great as he could be.