Super Cold XLVIII – Why in the world are we playing the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium?


It’s been the elephant in the room for months now. When people say that “The {Insert mediocre/bad team} are going to go all the way this year”, there’s been one lingering question… how will they do at Metlife Stadium in the frigid cold? Will they mess up because they’re a warm weather or dome team, be great because they live in Sumas, Washington, the northernmost point in the US, or be okay because they’re from some city that doesn’t have some huge weather difference. 

But it leads me to this question… why would they have it in New Jersey in the first place? There are a bunch of reasons not to have it there – the weather, the location, the fan experience, the soulless stadium, it’s NEW JERSEY – shouldn’t that be enough? The argument for this stadium may seem smart. “It’s the same as Indianapolis.” “It’s the NFL’s response to 9/11 to do something for New York” “It’ll be like the winter classic”. The first argument for Indianapolis is fine. However, there have been great chances for the NFL to do stuff like this. The NFL could’ve made a donation to some 9/11 fund of some sort. I’m not trying to be insensitive –  although it’ll be great for the city monetarily, it just won’t be a great experience for the fans (although seeing Wilson or Manning go short-sleeved would be really funny.)

Many have made the argument for it being like the Winter Classic. However, let’s compare them side by side. The Winter Classic is a minor event with little to no effect on the regular season or playoffs, and only happens once a year. The Super Bowl is america’s biggest sporting event, biggest monetary gain for the NFL, cold weather is not a rare occurrence, and the most important game of the year. There’s a difference there.

I love New York, and it’s one of the world’s greatest, if not the greatest city in the world. But putting the game in a dome or a warm weather city would make this easier for everybody.



Easy as R, G, 3.


The Washington Redskins just have to win out to win the NFC East. I must be wrong. Let’s try that again. The Washington Redskins just have to win out to win the NFC East. That – that can’t be right! Let’s try that one more time. The Washington Redskins… just have to… win out… to win… the NFC East.

You get my point.

But seriously, at the beginning of the season, who picks the Redskins, the team only 5 were worse than last year, to be able to win the NFC East, possibly the hardest division in football?

I don’t think anyone did – even Redskins fans weren’t extremely confident about this season, if not at all. And then he came. RG3. RG3 also attracted Pierre Garcon, and fellow rookies came too, such as Kirk Cousins and Alfred Morris, both who have proved a huge part in this season. But really, the biggest factor is the would-be senior quarterback from Baylor, Robert Griffin the Third.

RG3 has been nothing short of incredible this year. 104.2 is his Quarterback Rating, he’s thrown for 2,902 yards and counting, thrown for 18 touchdowns, run for 6, and 748 yards. But what the incredible thing is, is something else.

The NFL has never seen an offense like this, so exciting, agressive and situational. There are so many variables you can put into this offense. For instance, a normal pass play is normally a pass to the number one receiver. But, since there is no number one receiver, it could go to anyone, or RG3 could rush. It’s like that on every play – so you never really know what’s happening.

A lot of people like to compare RG3 and Luck together, but the thing is, you can’t. Not to say that one is better than the other, but their style is so different. Luck is like a miniature Tom Brady or Peyton Manning – RG3 is something nobody has ever seen –  you just can’t put them in the same category, you can’t.

If I was a Redskins fan, I would be serious about keeping RG3 healthy, because he has so much potential,  but plays so aggressively.

Alfred Morris, Pierre Garćon, Joshua Morgan, Santana Moss and many others have made huge contributions to this season, but if it weren’t for this young QB – who knows where the Redskins would be.

Manning the post


In March, the Broncos signed Peyton Manning to a five year, 96 million dollar contract. I laughed. I thought the broncos were being just plain stupid. It didn’t make sense!

I thought Peyton was gone. His neck had killed an entire season, and in all honesty, I didn’t believe he could come back to his old form. If I was running an NFL team, I would’ve taken a rookie over Peyton. He didn’t seem fit to play after missing an entire year, and I would want somebody fresh. It just didn’t make sense.

Boy, would’ve I been wrong. Peyton is leading the Broncos to a 9-3 record, rising to his old form, if not rising above it, and could have ten wins by the time the night is over, and is the only other choice for MVP next to Tom Brady.

I would chose Peyton Manning for MVP. Because with no offense to the Broncos, they’re not much without him. They don’t have a real QB (no, I don’t think Tim Tebow was a starter) and not much of a receiving game. All of the sudden, Peyton Manning has made the Broncos super bowl contenders. Nobody thought he could do it, but look at him now!

But, every week, I watch him (with no offense, he is kind of boring) lead the Broncos beautifully. And I ask how? How has this 36 year old managed to take this team to the playoffs, and maybe more?

Nobody really knows but him. But what I do know – is that Peyton isn’t gone at all. Actually, he might just be starting.

Is it worth it? Peyton Manning or RG3


Many teams, like the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns are all seeking out a new quarterback, specifically Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin the Third. But all these teams may have to give an arm and a leg to get either one of them.

But is it worth it?

The teams would have to give all their draft picks in all likelihood to move up and pick Robert Griffin III. To get Peyton Manning, they’d have to give up most of their salary cap, and probably a couple players.

But, all these teams are looking to rebuild from the ground up, which is something to consider. For the Browns and Dolphins, it may be worth it to give something up, but for the Redskins, the defense is more important.

But, it’s Dan Snyder’s decision – which means they are in bad hands.


How did it happen? Peyton Manning in jeopardy


Manning, Manning, Manning, Manning, Manning. In the city of Indianapolis, that is all there is. Or at least, that is all there was. Peyton Manning was the face of the Colts. Peyton Manning may have run out of time.

How does this Super Bowl winning, hall-of-famer (most likely) become on the market or forced to retire? Well, here’s how. After 12 years of success, Peyton’s carrer is on the market. The Colts are going to  go back to where they were then. A number one pick team. Why that? Simple, they lost their quarterback to neck surgery.

The way it happened is because teams need quarterbacks, now. The Colts are considering Andrew Luck instead of Peyton Manning. Like, this season. Now. But where would Peyton go?

Peyton Manning is technically not on the market, but we all know better than that. He really has two choices. Go to the Redskins, or go to the golf course. Basically, going to the Redskins is trying to take a team that needs to take it back to the start, to the playoffs. Retiring is going out with a whimper, but not as badly of a whimper as it could be for the Redskins.

I’m saying it’s not a good situation. The best way to go out would be to stay on the Colts, and get a standing ovation at the end. But, that may not be what Dan Snyder wants…

Why the Packers will lose against the giants


Okay. Let’s lay everything on the table. The Packers seem to have a good defense, right? WRONG. 411.6 yards allowed per game. Plus, they gave that up with more than half of their games with non-playoff teams. If the Giants can open up the running lanes, the Packers could be watching the NFC Championship on TV.