A-Rod’s ban needs to be the final warning


If you can find a baseball fan who actually likes A-Rod, revoke their fan membership card for me. Otherwise, you should be celebrating like me.

Today, MLB announced that A-Rod will be suspended for 1 whole season, and if by a long shot, the Yankees make the playoffs, the playoffs too.

Now, it’s time for the rest of the league to understand. While, for the most part, steroids are not as big of a problem as they used to be, there still have been some violators, and these are big names, like Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and of course, A-Rod.

MLB has been amping up the punishments, and even though they’ve been giving them out, they need to amp it up more. No more appealing. A-Rod knows he cheated. The world knows he cheated. He needs to take the punishment. But this needs to serve as a message to the players of the MLB – fans have stopped forgiving players for the use of P.E.D.S. And now, the odds of being caught are a lot higher than they were before.

Steroids nearly ruined this league. And if the players truly love the game like they always say, they’ll get that it’s no longer acceptable.



Still a class A-Fraud


A report has been conducted accusing A-Rod, Nelson Cruz, Melky Cabrera and Gio Gonzalez of having connections to PEDs.

Two of those four players have already served suspensions – the only person I believe of denial is Gio Gonzalez because he is young and in his prime and very capable without PEDs.

But the biggest name on there is Alex Rodriguez. As Jeff Passan said, the truth is – A-Rod is a liar.

Alex Rodriguez has become the face of the post-steroid era in a bad way. He has served suspensions and has been continuing to use steroids in this era.

In all honesty, if I was a Yankee fan, I would be absolutely sick of A-Rod by now. He hasĀ disgracedĀ himself, his teams and the MLB.

The same way people now associate Lance Armstrong with doping and being a cheat, A Rod is the same for baseball. His career should be over.

I truly can’t believe he would be doing this. I would’ve thought he would have learned his lesson. But he helped bring a trophy to new york – and that trophy now has a little star next to it.

As well as all of A-Rod’s career.


Old McDonald may have the key to the world series


The Nationals had the best record in baseball last year. But, how? They finished with 69 wins in 2010. In 2011 they had 80 wins. But this year, they had 98. That’s a 29 game difference in two years.

But down on the farm, the nats were ready. They had future ace Jordan Zimmerman, they had future face of the franchise, Stephen Strasburg, they had everything ready for them. They just needed to develop them. And they have some players in A and AA that are looking pretty good themselves, too, as well as some in AAA for the future of the club, or for bait.

So after two years of misery, the Nats came together, and are favorites to win the NL next year.

The Giants have only taken one big trade in the past, being Melky Cabrera, which didn’t exactly work out. Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Madison Bumgartner, Brian Wilson and a whole lot more were all homegrown. A lot were traded for as minor leaguers, or non-big ticket free agents.

So does this prove that signing the big-ticket free agents isn’t the way to go?

I think it does. Look at the Marlins. They stunk 2 years ago, they sign a bunch of free agents, they still stink. What does that say about the formula. If they’re going to get anywhere, it’s minor leagues.

2014’s playoff hopes for Boston rest in Pawtucket. The moves they made stunk. I wouldn’t even focus on getting free agents – just be trading for good minor leaguers. If somebody offered 5 top 20 prospects for Jacoby Elisbury, I would take it. If I was taking over the Astros, I wouldn’t be worried about taking free agents – just getting good minor leaguers. By 2015, Houston could have the best record in baseball – they just have to set up for it.

A terrible team can become great in two years – all they have to do is wait. The Nats proved it, and so did the Giants.

I think this past year has proved Old McDonald has the trophy – not Bud Selig.