Super Selection, Quarter by Quarter


I promised I would do it! And with a mere five hours left in my time span, I have done it. So without any further ado, my Super Bowl pick.

After a 3 and 1/2 hour long pre game dance and 4 and 1/2 hours crying on the field after the star spangled banner, Ray Lewis finally agrees to walk off the field to start the game with a kickoff to the 49ers. They get off to a fast start, hitting two or three long passes, but failure in the red zone leaves them with a field goal – 3-0 49ers. The Ravens get the ball for the first time, and it’s clear what their game plan is – Ray Rice. Rice continues to smash through the hole and Flacco hits Boldin for less than five yards for the touchdown, putting the Ravens up at 7-3. Colin Kapernick adds a whole other dimension to this game, and starts proving it in a no-huddle, run, pass or QB draw drive only taking two minutes to reach the end zone with a 15 yard Kapernick throw to Vernon Davis, in which he does the famous bible kiss. The Ravens will get it back but end up punting, giving the 49ers the first possession of…

The 49ers, however fall to a three and out with a Lewis sack of Kapernick, which will be his only sack of the night. The Ravens will get 2 first downs, but not enough to extend the drive. The 49ers will take a long, methodical drive down the field, mostly with Frank Gore runs, ending in a field goal, putting the game score at 13-7. Flacco takes the Ravens to the 50 or so, but throws a pick and the 49ers take possesion at the Ravens’ 40. Akers takes a 55 yard try, but misses. The Ravens, however, do not squander their chance and put the game within 3 points, at 13-10 right before halftime.

During halftime, Beyonce will freeze up and break down – never to sing again, and the medics will prove she was a robot all along. A last gasp attempt of replacing her with Justin Bieber also doesn’t work, because he breaks down too.


The Ravens receive the ball with a touchback. Flacco decides he needs to pick up the pace, and after three fifteen yard games, he bombs the ball to Smith for a 45 yard touchdown reception. 17-13 becomes the score. The 49ers pick up the ball at their own 30, but do literally nothing. The same happens for the rest of the quarter. Let’s hope there are some good ads that quarter.

QUARTER 4: The Ravens can’t squeeze out a touchdown or a field goal after going wide left from a 49 yard try. The 49ers end up punting. The Ravens punt, which looks hopeful for San Fran. But, coming up a yard short forces them to do the exact same thing. All the Ravens have to do is get one score, but they can’t. The 49ers get the ball with 2:30 to go. Kapernick fires one pass, then another, then Kapernick runs it through for the touchdown with 15 seconds to go. For the first time in Super Bowl history, there is

OVERTIME: The Ravens get the ball first and manage to put in a field goal. It’s just one defensive stop. Don’t let them score and they win. The Ravens force the 49ers to 4th and 6 at their own 30 yard line. Nobody is open. So after a miracle block from Frank Gore, Kapernick runs 35 yards for a first down and possession in Ravens territory. After Frank Gore runs for 2 first downs, it’s 1st and 10 at the Ravens 22. A 22 yard pass to Vernon Davis seals the deal.

Colin Kapernick and the 49ers walk off gloriously. The final score: 49ers, 27. Ravens, 23. Your super bowl MVP is Colin Kapernick.

And so begins the baseball waiting.


Teams that could lose the magic


The Ravens last chance might’ve been exactly a week from today.It’s Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice – they are getting older faster than you can say Cundiff. Some teams, are simply too old, hurt, or too tired to get a playoff win. These 5 teams had one of their best, but last chances this season or last season, and may never see such glory for a while.

5. Baltimore Ravens – The Ravens have gotten too old, but still have a year or so left. The young and fresh talent they had in 02′, 03′, 04′ and for a while until now has slowly gone away. The Ravens will most likely not have a losing record, that’s for sure, but it could be in the near future if Baltimore’s trusty veterans just turn into average ones, or even retire.

4. . Boston Celtics – It’s not that they’re actually losing so much, but the big 3 has lost the superpower ability they had oh such a short time ago. Garnett and Pierce seem to always be battling injuries, and Allen just isn’t what he used to be. I think it could be the end of the line for the big 3 if the Celtics want to stay contending with the Bulls, Heat, Clippers and Hornets, who are oh so young and filled with talent.

3.  Atlanta Braves – As it seems, the Braves have literally gone downwards in the past 4 years with their players. After hitting a 91 game peak, the Braves record may very well go down soon. And yes, I know you say they have great young pitching talent, and that’s completely true! But, you can’t win if you don’t score, and that is very well what might start to happen soon.

2. Chicago Bears – The Packers and Lions all have talent. Unfortunately, talent is beginning to be lacked in Chicago. 40.5% of Chicago’s players all have 7 years of experience, and 20 % have 9 or more. The Bears need young talent, and need it fast, or else they could be doomed to top three picks for quite a few years.

1. San Antonio Spurs – They need talent, NOW. 28% of players are 9 years or more into the NBA, their franchise face has lost ppg so much in the past few seasons, he has lost nearly 575 points for them every season since 09-10. Manu Ginobli has been good, but has barely any assists or rebounds. Ten points a game is not enough from Richard Jefferson. Plus, all those rookies they have? Only one has a higher ppg than 7, and most of their apt averages are below 1.5.  Tony Parker has been the main man lately, but the Spurs have to get new talent fast to keep him going, or it could turn ugly for the once beautiful San Antonio Spurs.