Should RG3 have been on the bench? The answer is no.


It’s in, and as it looks, it’s bad. RG3 has not only a partial tear in his ACL, but also his LCL. He is badly hurt, and may not start in NFL Kickoff 2013. Which brought everybody to the million dollar question – after hurting himself, should’ve he been on the bench?

The answer, in short, is no. Don’t get me wrong, Pierre Garćon, Alfred Morris, London Fletcher, DeAngelo Hall and many more made huge contributions to the Redskins in 2012. But while Alfred Morris doesn’t get enough attention, or the rest of those guys, the backbone of the team is RG3.

Here are three reasons you keep RG3 on the field.

1. RG3 is a clutch player. He can come up big in big situations. He will not be taken off the field unless you force him, or his injury is too unbearable, and with him, you never know when something amazing is about to happen.

2. When Rob Gronkowski broke his arm, Bill Belichick said that he wasn’t going to tell somebody else to go in on the play – you go break your arm! If Cousins was on the field during that snap, chances are, he might’ve torn an ACL or LCL too!

3. Redskins fans would hate it, and football would hate it. If the Redskins lost that game with RG3 on the sideline, everyone would’ve been screaming at Shanahan anyhow. The Redskins needed him on the field. He’s not only a physical booster, but he’s a morale booster.It makes the Redskins have hope.

I understand he was hurt, and he needed help. His leg had been a problem, and it should’ve been taken care of more cautiously. But think. You can’t blame Shanahan for keeping him in – of all the things to happen, a bad snap was one of the least likely.

Fate took an ugly twist with RG3. Very, very ugly.

RG3 goes down after a bad snap (Yahoo! Sports)


Oh, oh – the Giants win the Super Bowl


I am happy and yet sad. I did predict this, but I still love the Patriots. Unfortunately, common sense won out and the Giants won the Super Bowl, 21-17. So much could’ve happened but it didn’t. Once I’m not depressed, I’ll post how it happened.

But until then, excuse me while I mope.

Super Bowl Half one – borrrinnnggg


As we approach the second half, it is pretty darn BORRINGG! The Pats have failed to score a touchdown, and have ate the dust of Jason Pierre Paul. Jason has deflected quite a few Brady passes.

How this game will end is still in jeopardy, but the Giants have dominated so far. The score is 9-3 and the commercials stink. I have resorted to covering my eyes. Brady could do something, although……..

Super Bowl Quarter 4 – Read Quarter 1, 2, and 3 before this.


4th quarter – Okay, Tom Terrific time, right? Well, unfortunately, the Pats punt, giving the Giants the ball with 12 minutes to go in the season. The Giants throw a mix of short passes and runs, and get the ball moving down the field at a good pace. They drop a pass in the end zone, and go for a field goal. They get it, making it 26-17, Giants.


But, the Patriots aren’t dead yet. With eight minutes to go, Tom Brady starts leading the team down the field. On fourth down, he throws it to Rob Gronkowski, who gets 60 yards. With 6 minutes left, the Patriots score a touchdown on an Aaron Hernandez run. They don’t risk a point, and go for the extra point, making it 26-24, Giants.


Eli Manning has a huge task – keep the Patriots offense on the sidelines. He does just that. He brings the ball down the field with runs, runs, and maybe a pass. With 3 minutes to go, a blitzed Eli Manning runs to the Patriots 25. Time is starting to run out for the Patriots. At the two minute warning, the Giants are at the Patriots 15.


After three very stretched out downs, the Giants kick a field goal with 35 seconds left. The Patriots have 1 timeout left. Tom Brady throws a hail mary, four times. All four times, it is missed. Eli Manning takes a knee.


FINAL SCORE: Giants 29, Patriots 24. Super Bowl MVP is Eli Manning who throws for 305 yards and 2 touchdowns.