Don’t Press The Panic Button on Doug Fister


From the get-go, it didn’t look all too great last night. Even with a half full O.Co colliseum, a low stakes game and a huge ballpark, Doug Fister just did not have it last night. He gave up three home runs and took the loss for the Nats. But don’t, repeat, don’t, press the panic button just yet.

Even though the Nationals’ 4th starter has been traditionally bad these past two years, Fister should be different. One bad game happened for a couple of reasons.

The biggest reason is that it was basically his Opening Day, he was amped, and didn’t have his A stuff, since he was focused on things too mentally. Basic plays like the throw to first in the first inning would get done during the rest of the year – it’s quite literally jitters.

This is also an Oakland team that has studied Detroit and their pitchers for the past two years, as they’ve played each other in two ALDS series since 2012. Doug, being traded from the Tigers, had seen them many times. This team was not unfamiliar with him from those experiences, or just seeing him as a Mariner or Tiger.

Another large reason here is the injury. The arm and all looked fine last night – but he hasn’t faced real batters all year. He missed the end of Spring Training, which is actually crucial for pitchers to see batters that are going to be in the big leagues and actually trying. The last team he faced was a AA team.

So, please. History repeats itself, but it’s highly unlikely it will in this case of Doug Fister.


Pujols: The Story Of a Man who left his home


In November of 2011, Albert Pujols seemed to have everything. Two world series rings, 3 MVP trophies, and a town to love him. As it seems, most people would be happy with that, if not satisfied and ready to call St. Louis home. We all want more though. And he left his fans, his home and his team behind for glitzy L.A. And sure, there is the effect of C.J Wilson and Torii Hunter, but he didn’t join the Angels just for that. He joined it for the money.

As we all feel like, it seemed very LeBron like to join another team even when he has success, fame and fortune. Albert Pujols also wanted a chance to win. But it’s different. Albert left because of money. LeBron had a legit reason to go to Miami – he wasn’t winning championships.

But Albert had just won a world series. He had left his home.

Leaving for money is what it has come down to. Money, money money in the rich man’s world. Many Cardinals fans were dismayed, incredibly shocked, worried. But the fame effects us so we feel as if it’s only money. I don’t know why.

Maybe you get this sense that you can do anything and money is all that matters. Once you get to the point that money is more important than championships, it’s a sad, sad day.

Is it over for the Lakers?


The Lakers are in a tough situation right now. Kobe Bryant is the face of a renowned franchise, and yet struggling. His criticism of the Lakers front office and the players could land him in a spot where he doesn’t want to be. And while we all think the Lakers are the greatest, they would actually barely be the number 6 seed in the playoffs on this day.

Now, to all my friends in Los Angeles (which I’ll admit there are few), I’m not trying to say the Lakers stink, and they don’t. But, they need to do a couple things here, like get points from other sources aside from Gasol and Bryant.

Let’s take a little pressure off of Kobe here, okay? In case you noticed, he isn’t bad – in fact, he’s the only player on the team that is in the twenties for scoring. And Pau, for a center is playing pretty darn well. But, after Steve Blake, everybody else is below 5.5 points a game.

Getting a little more out of everyone else could keep Kobe and Pau in the place they want to be – Los Angeles. But can they? Well, we’ll know as soon as the trade deadline approches if Pau Gasol will stay a Laker, or wear another uniform, which will greatly effect Kobe. And we wait another day.

The Big Dance is a promising one for Georgetown and Syracuse


Sometimes the best shot is the one you missed. If you know what  I mean, great. If you don’t, that’s understandable. In the last couple of years, the best appearance in March Madness ended in a loss, for a couple teams. After a talent losing year, some of them are back and ready to roll.

Georgetown in 2007 seemed practically unstoppable. Until Ohio State came into the picture. Now, the Hoyas have a shot at a three or two seed in this years big dance, 5 years removed from their last 5 or lower seed. I think the Hoyas have found a new team that can win. Right now I project them as a 3 seed. But, anything is possible for these Hoyas – you might be seeing them at number 2 or even number one, with their new talent and old talent.

Meanwhile, the Syracuse Orange have found themselves in the position they have lacked for the past couple of years – the top 5. The Orange know they can, and may very well. They have been slowly but surely rising these past years, and you see them here now. Kris Joesph may just lead them to a Final Four.

Both of these teams may not make it to the Final Four, but if they do – it’ll be a great final four.


Read it before Super Bowl Quarter 1!: The Super Bowl: 4 quarters, 4 posts


How will Super Bowl 46 turn out? I am a Pats fan, but I assure you I am writing from a Texans viewpoint – no opinion. I am going to show you my Super Bowl Prediction in 4 posts, for 4 quarters – I’ll give a new quarter each day.

So, get ready. Because tomorrow, my super bowl pick will begin to unravel.

Until then, please just enjoy a little suspense. Until tomorrow…

The universal logo for Super Bowl 46
This will be an er- Super Super Bowl