Is your mind blown yet?


OK, seriously. When will they die? When is it going to be over? The Spurs are just not going away!

I’m a little scared. This team is an obvious dynasty, an obvious powerhouse. But every year since – well – I can’t even remember that far back – the Spurs have been a high seed in the playoffs. I simply don’t get it.

I can’t understand. Why? They’re OLD! How are they so old and so good? Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are the face of this franchise, and somehow STILL THE CORE. They’re the leaders.

For years, I’ve said that this team will be gone by next year. But I don’t know if anybody can anymore! I suspect that in the year 2073, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili will be in a wheelchair, in an ad-covered Spurs jersey, averaging 44.4 points a game with a little star next to it because he’s now part robot.

This team is defying gravity – or at least age. I get that the three – Ginobili, Parker and Duncan are incredible. But this really has never been done. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were fighting for the fifth spot in the playoffs. But the best record? Geez.

I – I can’t say anymore. Why, you ask?

Because I know I’m going to feel like an idiot next year.



The Updater: The Spurs Spark lives on


Not again. Not this again. How many times have we seen this? How many times have we said, “They’re gone, they’re gone for good” and then this continues to happen year after year, and we all just wait, wait for somebody to put out the spark – that the Spurs have had for the last decade.

We thought they were gone last year – they were too old. But, lone behold, the first seed was their’s for the keeping. But when the Grizzlies beat them, that’s when we thought they were really gone, and the first seed was a fluke.

And then.

And then, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker came back with a combined 33 points a game, and the top three rebounders started totaling in at 21 a game. And they don’t just get points from starters – they’re all around – the top ten scorers a game all are above 8.8 points a game.

Oddly enough, the number one worry for me about this team was that their scoring wouldn’t be able to keep up with the fast moving and thinking defenses of teams like the Heat’s, who only give up about 92 points a game. But I was worried for nothing, as the Spurs have the second highest scoring total per game in the league – 103!!!

While the defense was in the lower half, it was comparable to defenses of teams like the Clippers, who are only a point less in total points given up. They also proved they could win in shootouts – they beat the Clippers and Jazz easily like that.

There are really only three teams that stand between them and another Larry O’ Brien trophy – The C’s, the Thunder, and The Heat. With the two easterners, it’s the defense that worries me – they both have good offenses and defenses, which might kill shootout opportunities, (which is what they want). The Thunder have an offense that is able to explode at any time, any place. And even on average nights, they still score the same as the Spurs, 103 points a game on average, and will keep games very close with pretty much identical stats – but completely different styles of play.

If the Spurs win the NBA Championship this year, unless they don’t have a playoff spot – I will – and you should never – count the Spurs out.